Our History

My name is Britt smith, the founder of No Man's Land Beef Jerky. No Man's Land Beef jerky was born out of necessity. I was tired of eating bad beef jerky. One day after a pretty good rain, a couple of farming buddies and I headed to Guymon, OK, for a day of golf. After a full day, we stopped by a quick stop to grab some snacks for the trip home. Being an avid jerky fan, grabbed 3 of what I thought were the best of numerous types of jerky that were on display. After trying each of them, I ended up throwing them out the window and remarking to my friends that I could make better beef jerky. The next day I gathered up my dehydrator that I had purchased off a television infomercial and headed to my mom and dad's small grocery store, Marv & Dee's Grocery, in the town of Keyes, Oklahoma. I got a roast out of my dad's meat case, sliced it and marinated it in what I considered it to be a recipe that would make the jerky have good flavor. It took me 3 tries to finally get the desired flavor that is now our secret blend.

I let several of my friends' sample my new jerky and it was a hit. This is when I decided to introduce it to the public. I placed a jar of my jerky by the checkout counter in my mom and dad's grocery store. Before the end of the day, the first batch was completely sold out. I knew then that I was on to something.

This led me to purchase better dehydrators that would speed up the process of making jerky by cutting the drying in half. I then contacted several businesses in three states and asked them if they would carry my jerky. With the help of my sister Belinda, who is also my motivator, we were able to distribute our jerky in over 20 businesses across the area.

After the response we received to our jerky from these re-sellers, we knew we were really on to something. We started looking for a place to build a beef jerky factory. Our search led us to Boise City, OK, where we found an abandoned convenience store just fifteen miles from Keyes. My dad, Marv Smith, being one who can salvage anything, looked the building over and thought it would be a great fit.

Beef Jerky StoreWith the help of my family, my sister Belinda and her two daughters Brenae and Baley, my brother Brad, his wife Kathy, their two boys Brandon and Justin, my mother Dee, and my father (and chief contractor) Marv, we were able to make my dream come true. With their help, we set out to construct the beef jerky factory and deli I had designed on butcher paper at my parent's kitchen table. It was in this design that I incorporated the deli to compensate for the extra time we would have while the jerky was drying. (To date, we have remodeled 3 times, built on to the facility, and have had to eliminate the deli.)

Due to the increasing constant demand for the product, our facility reached maximum production and sales. We had accumulated a large list of stores who wanted to sell No Man's Land Beef Jerky. Our mom seeing us put in the long hard hours started praying for a buyer. The good Lord sent us three of the finest men you could ask for, Paul Allen, Clint Beagley, and Peter Dillingham. In 2015 we successfully teamed up with these three highly experienced food industry men from Enid, Oklahoma and formed a new company, No Man's Land Foods. Within months, a second NML facility opened in Enid, Oklahoma with the capacity to produce over 30,000 bags a day of the finest beef jerky in the country. All of us agreed that the most important factor for the continued success of No Man's Land is to mirror the original product in every aspect. This will insure that we will provide "YOU", our valued customer, the same great quality and authentic beef jerky you have come to love and expect.